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Womens fashion industry waking up to larger clothes sizes

Instead of creating “plus-size collections,” they are more often creating the same dress for every size — say, 0 to 36. They also are bucking long-held industry notions of what larger women should — and shouldn’t — wear, seizing on an opportunity that mainstream retailers have long ignored. They’re clearly on to something: Sales of plus-size apparel have been on the upswing. They grew 6 percent, to $21.4 billion, last year, outpacing the 2 percent growth in the overall women’s clothing market, according to research firm NPD Group. Stitch Fix, an online styling service, recently began offering up to size 24W across 90 brands. EShakti, which offers customizable clothing in sizes 0 to 36W, has been steadily increasing its range with promising results: Sizes 14 and up account for 52 percent of the company’s sales. And at online retailer ModCloth, nearly three-quarters of clothing is available in every size from XXS to 4X. “A lot of brands think very narrowly about who their customer is,” said Matthew Kaness, ModCloth’s chief executive. “There’s this belief that plus-size customers simply don’t spend as much — but that is only because of a lack of choice.” A company survey, he says, found that 80 percent of plus-size women would spend more on clothing if items were offered in their size.

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“The story has been overly sensationalized … A lot of people are hired to come in and support exhibitors, since the booth is only one-third of the cost of attending the event,” she said at the time. “I can’t understand. This is the year 2013, and I thought women had come farther than this. I’m really appalled that anybody prints the word ‘babe’ and thinks that’s okay.” For some women who work in technology, the presence of models at shows and events exacerbates a climate of sexism that’s pervasive in the industry, according to Marija Butkovic, co-founder of Women of Wearables. After Ellen Pao, a former junior partner at venture capital firm Kleiner Perkins, unsuccessfully sued her company for gender discrimination in 2015, a group of women in senior tech positions launched the  “Elephant in the Valley” survey to unearth insight on sexism in the industry . Their findings showed that 84 percent of female respondents have been told they were too aggressive, 66 percent felt excluded from networking opportunities for being a woman, 90 percent had witnessed sexist behaviors in the workplace and 60 percent fought off unwanted sexual advances. “I find hiring booth babes at tech events, regardless of the vertical, disrespectful toward all women — not only those in tech space, but especially toward those in the tech space,” Butkovic said. “The technology industry has a very bad reputation. It’s very male-dominated, and we don’t need an additional layer of sexism like this to make things even worse.” Kent Bye, host of the Voices of VR podcast,  echoed Butkovic in an interview with BuzzFeed , in which he shared feeling uncomfortable by the presence of models at an Upload party he attended. “What message is that telling me and other women in the industry, hiring models to play that role?” Butkovic, who is based in London, created Women of Wearables to support females working in wearable technology, virtual reality and augmented reality, after experiencing a lack of support while creating her own line of smart umbrellas.

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