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LR's commercial real estate still thriving despite big box stores closing Big box stores across the country are taking a hit, including here in Little Rock with the recent announcement of Kmart closings its doors. Big box stores across the country are taking a hit, including here in Little Rock with the recent announcement of Kmart closings its doors. Despite Kmart closing, and recently Gordmans along with Sears, the experts told KATV Little Rock is thriving with many small businesses looking for retail space, while other big box stores like Walmart and Lowe's were just better prepared for change. "Nationally different markets have been hit hard by again 2008 and the recession," said Flake & Kelley Sales and Leasing Agent, Drew Laning. "People are just going online, it's easier, there's free delivery at a lot of places, easier pickup, different things like that and so people actually getting out and going on foot to these places has been difficult because it's really easy when they just deliver it right to your door." "It's sad, because I live far away and I come up here and when I do I come to Kmart,” said shopper Debra Harris. Harris lives 50 miles from the Kmart in Little Rock, she told Channel 7 News now she'll have to drive to Russellville to keep shopping at this store, but going to another location isn't her main concern. "I don't know how many people work here, but there's quite a few and so they're going to be without a job,” added Harris. Shoppers like Sherry Griffin says she'll miss the good deals at Kmart, but she also understands the way of shopping, continues to change. "A lot of it is because of the internet, but you can order some many things online and I myself like to do it...and most of the time I do,” said Griffin.

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